MORE than 70 per cent of motorists broke the 30mph speed limit when they passed through a Peeblesshire village, a survey has revealed.

And more than one per cent of them were clocked racing along at more than double the limit on the A702 trunk road through West Linton.

The shocking figures were discussed by the village’s community council this week - and are available on the council’s Facebook page.

They came as the result of a survey carried out by infrastructure support service provider Amey in February of this year.

Graham Tulloch, the secretary of West Linton Community Council, said: “The survey records 12 drivers travelling at speeds in the 61mph to 150mph bracket. It is quite horrendous.” Eric Small, the community council chairman, said: “This really is quite scary - it’s an accident waiting to happen.” And on the Facebook page Jonas Somerville Anderson said: “Is it just me or is that an alarming statistic? Would this not advocate for some speed reducing measures?” Mr Tulloch revealed that the Police have increased their presence in the area and added that the council was in contact with Amey to see what could be done to reduce the speeds.

Another council member David Small said: “Is there any way we can put in a camera - perhaps at the roundabout - to stop these people doing this?” Tweeddale West Councillor Willie Archibald said the motorists took the opportunity to speed in West Linton because there were no parked cars to block their passage. “The same road passes through Carlops and the average speed there is only 20mph - and that’s because people leave their cars parked on the street,” he said.

Community leaders have still not given up on plans to try to introduce a 20mph limit to other parts of West Linton. Community councillor David Small first put the forward the idea last year and he said: “I still hope we might get something done on this - it is definitely something we need. I fully realise we have a problem all over the village.” Councillor Archibald said there were several successful 20mph limits in streets in the south of Edinburgh. “I will do all I can to help get this through,” he said. “We want to encourage initiatives like this and give our streets back to the people.”