REBECCA Murison was given a rare insight into the St Ronan’s Games Week.

As the Whipman’s Lass, she was a special guest at her hometown festival in Innerleithen, alongside visiting Principals from across the Borders and beyond.

However, having played a leading role in the festivities in West Linton earlier this summer, supporting this year’s Whipman Ryan Stewart, she revealed she couldn’t choose between the two.

When asked what she made of the experience, Rebecca said: “It’s quite surreal.

“It’s nice to see everything first hand this time because living here (Innerleithen) for 11 or so years you kind of know about it but you don’t really know the history behind it all and see what happens behind the scenes.

“Being his (Ryan's) Lass I don’t really have to do that much. He does all the speeches but it’s nice to get a few pretty dresses and stand next to him and support him.” Rebecca revealed she met Ryan in West Linton two years ago when his dad, Alan, led the festivities.

And this year’s Whipman revealed he was enjoying the experience of visiting neighbouring towns.

Ryan said: “Every town has their different traditions and seeing those first hand has been brilliant so far.”