IT opened amidst much fanfare exactly two years ago.

But almost 12 months later the new £9 million West Linton Primary School was branded amongst the worst in the country by government inspectors.

A damning report on the leadership and level of education was published by Education Scotland last year, highlighting 'significant failings'.

Around 140 parents packed into an emergency meeting in light of the report to voice their concerns.

The findings also led to the removal of headteacher Hilary Elliot and sparked an improvement plan by education chiefs at Scottish Borders Council.

Inspectors returned to the school in August - and this week they published a glowing follow-up letter highlighting significant progress.

HM Inspector Susan Gow stated: "Overall, children are motivated and actively involved in their learning.

"Teaching approaches have greatly improved and children are clear about what they are learning and when they have been successful.

"Across the school, the pace of learning and level of challenge have improved which has led to better progress in literacy and numeracy."

She also had words of commendation for the new headteacher Jill Doyle.

Ms Gow added: "The new headteacher has had a very positive impact on the work of the school.

"She has quickly gained the confidence and respect of staff and most parents. Staff appreciate the guidance and support of the headteacher. "

As well as carrying out an inspection questionnaires were issued to parents and carers, as well as pupils and teachers.

And the vast majority which were returned had positive feedback.

The extensive letter which was sent out to parents this week makes clear that some improvement work still has to be done.

Something headteacher Ms Doyle believes is already happening. She said: "We look forward to continuing to further develop our school, its curriculum and our place in the community.

"I am delighted for the entire West Linton school community that this letter reflects the significant progress made over the past year.

"It also illustrates the hard work of all staff, our commitment and team spirit as well as our growing partnership with families and the wider community."Education Scotland's area officer will continue to work with Scottish Borders Council and the school to monitor improvements.

And a full inspection is expected to take place early in the new year.