PIONEERING farmers near West Linton are hoping to get their message across with new education boards and a learning centre.

For over a decade Whitmuir Community Farm has been leading the way in planet-saving schemes for producing food and reducing waste.

And they hope the message from their current 2000m² project, which is funded by the Scottish Government’s Climate Challenge Fund, will now get across to anyone visiting the popular farm.

The new interpretive boards and signage show how farming patterns locally compare to the global picture.

And despite higher altitudes and windy weather in the Pentlands, display the amazing variety of what can be grown.

Sarah Magee, Project Administrator for 2000m² says: “Before I joined the project, I’d been coming here for years with my children, but we weren’t always sure where we could or couldn’t go - these signs will help people to enjoy the amazing outdoor learning opportunities at Whitmuir.”

The Whitmuir Community Benefit Society is also developing a Living Learning Space at Whitmuir.

Already, in partnership with Newlands and West Linton primary schools as well as the local community, the 2000m² project has grown 2.2 tonnes of food.

They have also saved the equivalent of 7.7 tonnes of CO? over the course of a year.

And produced an incredible six tonnes of compost through the home food waste collections.

Sarah Sall, development manager at Whitmuir added: “Our purpose is to work towards bringing about a cultural change by providing opportunities for the community to get involved in and learn more about sustainable food systems.

"We look at the whole food cycle, from growing following organic principles, to cooking using seasonal ingredients to composting food waste.”