A TELECOMMUNICATIONS company has vowed to monitor their mobile signal across Peebles after a number of ongoing issues affecting residents and businesses.

Over the last seven months, scores of outages have been reported across Peebles and the surrounding Tweeddale area, affecting customers on EE (Everything Everywhere). The issues have left locals with no 4G signal, preventing the use of calls and texts from being made from those on the network.

Since 'essential maintenance' works were carried out on the mast on Monday, March 27 and Tuesday, April 18, the Peeblesshire News is aware of 19 reported outages in Peebles between April 18 and Monday, October 9, with information collected from EE's network status checker emails.

The emails are sent to customers who sign up to and receive alerts via text message or email to let them know when service is lost in the area.

Tweeddale East councillor Shona Haslam (Cons) said: “The loss of EE signal is of major concern to those affected. So many businesses and households now rely on their mobile phones, we have to get this sorted. I am working closely with EE to try and resolve these issues.”

A EE spokesperson told the Peeblesshire News: “We apologise to our customers in Peeblesshire, who have experienced service interruptions recently. Some of these have lasted only a few minutes, while others have been longer and more frustrating for customers.

“Our engineers have been working on the local site, and installed a new battery backup to prevent any local power issues from disrupting service.

“We’ll continue to monitor the site to ensure Peeblesshire has good mobile signal.”

To see the status of the EE network service in your area and sign up to receive updates on EE service problems, visit: https://myaccount.ee.co.uk/networkchecker/checkservice