SIR, Well! It truly was a “SNP Tsunami” as quoted by our MP David Mundell in last week’s Peeblesshire News.

To say that he was honoured to be voted in by an increase, both in terms of votes and vote share, is a bit misleading and disingenuous to his constituents and the runner-up Emma Harper of the SNP.

Mr Mundell came very close to losing his seat (won by a mere 798 votes) if it was not, for the Greens (839 votes) and the Liberal Democrats (1392 votes).

The Liberals lost 17.1 per cent of their votes, a chunk of it probable went to the Conservatives due to tactical voting!

What if Catriona Bhatia had stood as a candidate for the Liberal Democrats as planned? The Conservatives would have probably lost their only seat in Scotland!

We saw during the referendum all the three main parties coming together under one umbrella, supposedly to stop the break-up of the Union and the way I and many see it as keeping the status-quo - the rich richer and the poor poorer, with the middle classes used as a buffer with promises of titles and continued privileges from the elite classes.

The people of Scotland have been through an amazing awakening and have seen through the lies of all Unionist parties and protectors of this unfair system and the result in the general elections was “democracy” truly in action.

Mr David Mundell has to acknowledge the fact that a lot of voters that voted for the SNP did vote 'No’ in the Scottish Referendum last year. The promises, lies and deceit were exposed soon after the results. The onus is on Westminister now to prove what they have been saying all along that we are 'Better Together’.

The next five years will make or break this fragile status-quo since England voted for the Conservatives and Scotland voted for the SNP! Party and policies that are the polar opposites.

We now have a very rare situation whereby Scotland has only a single Conservative, Labour and Liberal Democrat MP. Mr. Mundell should be aware that neither he nor his party has a mandate to dictate to the people of Scotland.

The Conservatives have a mandate to govern the United Kingdom from the people of England not Scotland. Politicians should be aware of their allegiance to the people, not the Monarchy, Corporations or any other institutions including their own parties. The Scots have truly risen to the occasion.

I am, etc, Bosco Santimano Peebles