Concerns over the Victoria Park option were the subject of a letter to this paper a fortnight ago. The other two proposed sites are different ends of the same playing field which directly borders properties in the Craigerne Lane area.

Siting the pitch at Craigerne Lane will result in many back gardens, living rooms and, importantly, bedrooms being within tens of yards of the field of play. The pitch will be illuminated and it is understood Councillors favour a 10pm curfew on weekdays, and 6pm at the weekends. As the pitch is designed to accommodate a large number of players, noise generated will include referee whistles and unchecked language. This will be to the significant detriment of families in immediately neighbouring properties, including adversely affecting childrens’ sleep on school nights.

The proposal is that everyone attending, dropping off or uplifting from the 3G pitch will park at the far side of the school and then walk over to the pitch. This is very unlikely. Residents in Peebles know there is very little enforcement of parking restrictions in the town. Craigerne Lane is single track with passing places for most of its length. The cul-de-sac nearest the school will become congested with parked cars – as was the case during construction of a new sports hall. Whilst a very significant inconvenience to residents, younger children will be at far greater risk of serious injury from increased traffic volume and inconsiderate parking.

Drainage is a particular issue in the field, exacerbated by recent housing developments. This has led to repeated flooding of properties in the eastern side of the field, including Peebles High School. There are other issues of concern to particular properties, for example four-and-a-half metre high grill fencing at the bottom of their gardens and floodlights shining through lounge and bedroom windows.

Scottish Borders Council’s vision is to seek the best quality of life for all the people in the Scottish Borders, prosperity for our businesses and good health and resilience for all our communities. For those able to train on a floodlit artificial pitch throughout the year the benefits are there, albeit at a cost in the region of £1 million. This is part of a £2.8million allocation approved by Council for three such pitches in the Borders.

For people living in the Craigerne Lane area, every day, every evening and most nights will bring loud noise, floodlights, disturbed sleep, traffic and parking issues. This will significantly disrupt their quality of life, health and wellbeing, therefore a decision to build here will be in direct contravention of the Council’s ‘vision’ for communities. We seek that, if there is demand for such a costly pitch, Councillors identify alternative locations which will not knowingly cause years of misery to local residents.

We are, etc.

Graham & Kate Forman, Jo & Martin Jeffrey, Fiona & Mo Carlotti, Elizabeth Ahlers, David & Margaret McAllister, Jacqueline & Richard Easton, Iain & Rachel McGeogh, Sach McSeveney, Georgina & Paul O’Brien, Sheila Spence, Alison Arthur, Jenny Thake, Tommy and Pat Morrow Craigerne Lane Peebles