The bottom line was that there is no intention to go ahead with this project in the near to medium future.

I would ask the Scottish Borders Council to report back which firm of assessors carried out this flawed survey, what their fee was, and what they based their figures on.

Do they honestly believe that the facilities they have on site now, namely two portaloos and a couple of picnic tables, are adequate for the standard of competitions that are held in this venue?

Scottish Borders Council pride themselves on encouraging tourism in the Borders Region, in an ever expanding recreational sport and pastime of Mountain Biking here in Innerleithen, where the mountain bikers love the tracks and can use their bikes to the full potential, the Scottish Borders Council have been found sadly lacking in any vision for the future here in Innerleithen.

Firstly, I personally would like to apologise to the innovative team at the AIMUp project and, secondly, to the 93 per cent of Innerleithen and District residents who voted in favour of this prestigious project.

And, thirdly, to the mountain bikers and walkers and the public who would have used the facilities to the full, for the distinct lack of support by the Innerleithen and District Community Council for the residents in our area in lobbying the Scottish Borders Council and the firm of assessors that carried out the flawed report, and to get this disastrous decision overturned as quickly as possible.

In closing I wish to thank the Peeblesshire News for printing the article stating my reaction against Councillor Bell statement, and sincerely hope that this letter if published will encourage the support of my fellow community council members to represent the residents here in our area, and start to lobby our borders councillors to overturn this disastrous decision, and in so doing change the minds of the decision makers in the Scottish Borders Council.

I am, etc.

Neil Andrew Member of Innerleithen Community Council