By housing it at Tweedbank where visitors will be disembarking from the train, brings together a great engineering and construction project with an extraordinary artistic and creative community project.

The Tapestry was created during a remarkable time in Scotland. Whatever our opinions on the outcome of the referendum, the people seemed to wake up and think about what kind of nation we are and want to become. The Tapestry celebrates Scottish life and each panel is a visual history lesson. It will be a great teaching resource for Borders children.

I was at Scott’s View last week and a constant stream of people were arriving there from all over the world, keen to talk and interested in the Borders and Scotland’s history. The Tapestry will enhance the central Borders and visitors will be fascinated by it. For too long Galashiels and Selkirk have been in decline. Hopefully any planning problems can be resolved and perhaps there are local people who would like to donate towards it, so that the costs can be reduced?

Congratulations and thanks to all who worked on and for both the Borders Railway and the Great Scottish Tapestry.

I am, etc.

Liz Findlay Heronhope Innerleithen