SIR, In response to the earlier spring litter clear up, I have been regularly picking up litter around our area.  

The immediate area is often done on foot, but the surrounding few miles around our area I do by bicycle with basket, or by car when the traffic is quieter. It is quite easy to do by bicycle on the 'B’ roads,and it helps to keep one fit while keeping the local area relatively free of litter.  
Hopefully people in their various areas are doing the same, once the litter has been cleared by a community litter pick-up, it is not too difficult to keep on top of the litter situation, though more people doing this the better.

The busy 'A’ roads are more difficult to patrol for obvious reasons, but I thought that the Council could devise a way of picking up litter when they do their annual verge-side grass cutting. 
Scotland likes to compare itself with Norway. Not dropping litter would be useful, as litter in Norway is as rare as hen’s teeth!”

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