SIR, Peebles Library have recently purchased an excellent book on economics entitled, `Capital in the 21st century` by Prof. Thomas Piketty. 

He reveals the seriously increasing gap between the wealthy and the poor providing full details that justify his research.

After years investigating the topic in his native France, he went on to adopt the same procedures in America and the UK and further justified his thesis.

Each study of individual, corporate, sovereign and national wealth is analysed and explains how their super-financial funds are multiplied and continue to increase the widening gap.

One readily understandable factor is that the private rate of return on capital can be significantly higher over long periods than the growtyof incomes and output.

The translation was published in 2012 and runs on to some 580 pages but the introduction can be used to provide helpful direction to select chapters of specific interest for the layman.
Content is almost apolitical which also helps understanding.

Further details, graphs and statistics can be pursued by the more knowledgable reader to dive deeper into the language of the economist for a complete understanding and use of the Piketty principles.

Certainly worth joining the queue on the library waiting list for a good read or study during the winter.

I am, etc.
Jim McAuslin