PEEBLES ice-skater Katie Cassidy has salchowed and toe-looped her way to national level before her second year is out.

And if her commitment to the sport over the past 18 months or so could be scored, the 13-year-old would be receiving a full compliment of 10s.

The Peebles High pupil has skated her way through the novice and regional grades of the sport - collecting two firsts and most recently last weekend, against skaters with vastly more experience, also reached the podium by finishing third.

Katie, who trains at Murrayfield Ice Rink six days a week, will now move onto national level competitions from next month.

Dad Brian told us: "Katie has done exceptionally well to make the progress she has.

"Her day often starts at 4am to get to training in Edinburgh before school and then goes back to the ice rink for more training in the evening.

"Now that Katie has reached national level, she will be competing all over the UK, in places like Blackpool and Sheffield."

It was in the spring of 2017 when Katie first took to the ice at Murrayfield.

And she won her first competition just a few months later at Level Five.

During her progression through the passport grades, she won her next competition at Level 10.

And even managed to finish seventh out of 28 top skaters from across the UK in an open competition earlier this year.

Last Sunday's third place at Gold Star Plus Level is Katie's final regional competition before taking the step up to national level.