THEY were trying to fatten players up at the region's top pétanque club last week.

As you'll probably know, Mardi Gras or Shrove Tuesday are the feast days to celebrate eating all manner of fattening foods before the start of Lent.

Walkerburn Pétanque Club arranged its own feast day, albeit on Friday, with a mêlée of bacon rolls, sweet crêpes, shortbread and of course a pétanque tournament.

The threatened rain managed to stay away and a good day’s play ensued, with around a dozen players from both the Walkerburn and the Melrose-Gala clubs.

After four rounds the scores were computed and the winners were declared and awarded their prizes.

First was Charlie Coward from the Melrose-Gala club, just beating runner-up Linda Macalister from the Walkerburn club, with Douglas Lindsay, also Walkerburn, in third.

Such was the feeling of bonhomie on the day that it was agreed to repeat similar events to honour other UK patron saints with the next tournament being for St Patrick on Friday, March 22, commencing at 1.30 pm.

Further information from the club secretary, Bruce Macalister on 0774 662 5979 or