DISAPPOINTING attendances, clubs pulling out of tournaments and unpredictable cold weather has led to a call for an injection of new support for the Kings of the Sevens series.

Galashiels councillor Euan Jardine has asked the economic development team at Scottish Borders Council to work with clubs to revitalise the Sevens.

Peebles moved its tournament from an April Sunday to August two seasons ago, and Hawick has followed suit with it switching to the second Saturday in August, with Gala, we understand, taking over the Mansfield Park date.

A combination of clubs having to play postponed league games during the Sevens season, while others such as Marr and Stirling travelling long distances for 14 minutes of rugby, has led most to organise pool matches to allow at least two games.

Councillor Jardine, the Conservative member for Galashiels and District, told the Border Telegraph: “I think there is an opportunity there to sell the Sevens as a whole package rather than a one-off.

“The Kings of the Sevens is a great initiative, but how we market it, and make every Sevens as important as others, is vital.

“There are so many different options for people every weekend, and to really stand out, you really have to offer an experience rather than just an event.

“The Borders is in an unique position as the home of rugby to ignite interest around the country.

"For a lot of rugby fans, rugby is the Six Nations, but I would love for it to be the Sevens and for the players in the tournaments to become household names here and further afield and a catalyst for club rugby throughout the regular season.”

But writing in the Jed-Forest Sevens programme on Saturday, journalist Stuart Cameron said that in the Borders, change is a ‘bad word’.

He stated: “Without change, are we going to see the Kings of the Sevens and the Border League survive?”

And he blamed the ‘aye been’ syndrome for the attitude of clubs.

He added: “Over the years there have been some good ideas, but in the past five seasons, despite plenty of moans from players, clubs and others about the format, nothing has changed."

Now many hope that Councillor Jardine’s move will bring a change of direction.