Aberdeenshire 0

Biggar 67

Al Stewart at Woodside

ABERDEENSHIRE have finished in the top five in the last two National 2 league seasons and have dished out large defeats to Biggar sides when they have journeyed north.

There was some satisfaction then for those Biggar players who had been beaten on these occasions when on Saturday when they swamped their hosts with an 11 try victory.

That ‘Shire were seldom, if ever, in the Biggar 22 is only part of the story as the total could have been closer to 100.

A number of errors seeing ball dropped or ‘Shire’s last ditch defence prevented scores.

On three other occasions Biggar men had scored only for referee Graeme Ormiston to blow for forward passes.

The satisfaction gleaned from the win – Biggar’s biggest league win for many years and the largest defeat suffered by ‘Shire so far this season - was tempered somewhat by the fact that ‘Shire are clearly suffering badly and that after just 5fivegames, they appear almost certain to be relegated to National 3.

In warm, sunny conditions, but on a pitch with grass so long it had those from the farming fraternity looking for a silage chopper, Biggar were ahead after just three minutes.

An initial attack ended with a scrum and swift hands moved the ball left to Ross Bradford who cruised over for the first try.

While Carne Green was off target with this conversion he made amends with the next, this after Moffit side-stepped the cover defence.

His contribution was virtually over shortly afterwards as he big centre was up ended in what looked to be a tip tackle, his head rebounding off the turf and ending with him walking shakily to the touchline.

Play continued with Biggar on the attack, ball carried by Nimmo, Andrew Orr, Euan Sanderson and Callum Baird in turn and then advanced via the backs with Alistair Sinclair claiming the first of what would be a hattrick followed by Bradford’s second – this after a quick tap penalty.

Nimmo was next up, making good ground every time he was on the ball, this try taking the score to 31-0 and half time.

Tries after the break came from Donald Voas then Kelly, the young prop seeing his feat matched by the other debutant Bogle. The winger/fullback was just off target with his conversion attempt but had better fortune from his next attempt, this to Bradford’s hat-trick score.

With coach David Wilson ringing the changes, Sinclair nabbed his second and then at the death, his third to round off the day.

After the huge disappointment that saw the side throw their lead away against Peebles the previous week, this was the only possible response for Biggar and so it was very much a case of ‘mission accomplished’.

Errors there were without doubt and on another day these might have proved costly but the accumulatuion of 60+ points is not to be sniffed at and something very few Biggar sides have ever managed.

Things will be very different this coming week when Dumfries Saints, promoted from National 3 last year and currently unbeaten come to Hartree Mill.

Biggar: C. Braid, E. Stewart, D. O’Connell, C. Dunlop, A. Warnock, E. Sanderson, A. Orr, A. Nimmo, D. Reive, C. Green, A. Sinclair, R. Moffit, R. Lavery, R. Bradford, A. Jardine Reps: D. Voas, G. Kelly, E. Bogle, G. Stewart.