SPRING has most definitely sprung in Peebles as the Annual Bulb and Craft Show returned to the town.

Held by the Peeblesshire Federation SWI, the show took place on Saturday, March 11 within the Community Centre, Drill Hall, Walkershaugh, Peebles.

This year, the 11 institutes had ‘Mother’s Day’ for their theme to create their Community Effort. The stipulated items were a handmade card using any craft and a carrot cake. The institutes didn’t disappoint and created brilliant displays.

The Whitebridge Institute scooped the Mrs Simpson Cup for the most points in the Community Effort beating Eddleston by one point, with Skirling finishing a close third.

Jo Oliver from Eddleston SWI won the ‘Bathgate Rose Bowl’ for the best article in handcraft for her card, while Margaret Adamson from Kirkurd SWI won the Marion White Memorial Trophy for her Damson Gin.

The Harris Quaich was won by Elizabeth Smellie from Eddleston SWI for her floral display in a teapot, plus Jean Black from Newlands SWI won the Robb Bequest Salver for the best article in Winters Work for her lace scarf.

There was also a colourful display of bulbs and plants with Manor winning the Mrs Mitchell Cup for institute with most points under 20 members. 
The West Linton team won the Col Robertson Cup for institute with most points over 20 members. The Mrs Thorburn Cup was won by Dolphinton who were second and Dorothy Silver won the Noble Quaich for the best exhibit in Bulbs and Plants.

The Community Effort and Floral Art were judged by members of Berwickshire Federation with Mr Eric Gilmour and Mr Ralph Cameron judging the bulbs and plants. 

Lorna Evans. secretary of the Peeblesshire Federation SWI, told us: "We would like to extend our thanks to the judges for carrying out this difficult task. The SWI is celebrating 100 years this year so it was very special for us to have Christine Hutton our National Chairman presenting the prizes.

"There was also a display of hats and scarves at the event. Members also provided old minute books, table clothes and other items to showcase the 100 years of the Rural."

The next show in the calendar is the Peeblesshire Agricultural Show and schedules are available at www.peebles-show.co.uk under Industrial Section or by contacting the Secretary at broony21@msn.com.


  • Class 1, 3 White Hyacinths, 1st Jean Brown (Broughton), 2nd Anne Hutchison (Dolphinton), 3rd Lin Smellie (Manor), HC Ros Pyatt (Manor)
  • Class 2, 3 Blue Hyacinths, 1st Sandra Bracken (West Linton), 2nd Jean Brown (Broughton), 3rd Rosemary Napier (Whitebridge), HC Ros Pyatt (Manor)
  • Class 3, 3 Pink Hyacinths, 1st Jean Brown (Broughton), 2nd Anne Hutchison (Dolphinton), 3rd Joan Cottrell (Newlands), HC Jean Black (Newlands)
  • Class 4, 3 Purple Hyacinths, 1st Ros Pyatt (Manor), 2nd Jean Brown (Broughton)
  • Class 5, 3 Yellow Hyacinths, 1st Anne Hutchison (Dolphinton), 2nd Jean Brown (Broughton), 3rd Ros Pyatt (Manor)
  • Class 6, 5 Daffodil Bulbs - Yellow Large Trumpet, 1st Ros Pyatt (Manor), 2nd Aileen Noble (Skirling), 3rd Dorothy Silver (West Linton)
  • Class 7, 5 Narcissus, 1st Anne Hutchison (Dolphinton), 2nd Ross Pyatt (Manor)
  • Class 8, 10 Crocus - any variety, 1st Ros Pyatt (Manor), 2nd Anne Hutchison (Dolphinton), 3rd Jean Brown (Broughton)
  • Class 10, 5 Single Tulips - any variety, 1st Rosemary Napier (Whitebridge), 2nd Ros Pyatt (Manor), 3rd Anne Hitchison (Dolphinton)
  • Class 11, Bowl of 10 Minature Doffodil Bulbs, 1st Ros Pyatt (Manor), 2nd Jean Black (Newlands), 3rd Liz Jent (West Linton)
  • Class 12, 1 Amaryliss, 1st Rosemary Napier (Whitebridge), 2nd Sandra Bracken (West Linton), 3rd Celia Cameron (West Linton), HC Nancy Forsyth (Traquiar and Kailzie)
  • Class 13, Irises - 10 minature, 1st Anne Ross (Dolphinton), 2nd Jean Black (Newlands)
  • Class 14, 1 Hyacinth grown in water - Novice, 1st Gillian MacGregor (Whitebridge)
  • Class 15, 3 Bulbs - one variety grown in compost - Novice, 1st Gillian MacGregor (Whitebridge)
  • Class 16, Pot Plant - 1st Dorothy Silver (West Linton), 2nd Margaret Yeamen (West Linton), 3rd Margaret Taylor (Skirling), 4th Sandra Bracken (West Linton)
  • Class 17, Flowering Plant in a Pot, 1st Margaret Adamson (Kirkurd), 2nd Dorothy Silver (West Linton), 3rd Nancy Forsyth (Traquair and Kailzie), HC Joan Cottrell (Newlands)
  • Class 18, Spring Pot - Not exceeding 15" inside diameter any variety must be grown by exhibitor, 1st Dorothy Silver (West Linton), 2nd Margaret Adamson (Kirkurd), 3rd Lorna Borthwick (West Linton), HC Jean Brown (Broughton)
  • Class 19, Minature Garden in a seed tray - 14" x 9", 1st Sheila Keddie (Traqair and Kailzie)
  • Class 20, Floral Exhibit - Small in a Teapot, 1st Elizabeth Smellie (Eddleston), 2nd Janet Noble, 3rd Adelaide Dalling (Eddleston), HC Jean Brown (Broughton)
  • Class 21, Floral Exhibit - A hand tied bouquet to be displayed in water 30" x 30", 1st Janet Noble (Kirkurd), 2nd Lorna Evans (Eddleston), 3rd Jean Brown (Broughton)
  • Class 22, Floral Exhibit (NEW) - small exhibit in a cup and saucer - Novice, 1st Lorna Evans (Eddleston)
  • Class 23, A Jug of Spring Flowers, 1st Elizabeth Smellie (Eddleston), 2nd Janet Noble (Kirkurd), 3rd Shelia Keddie (Traquair and Kailzie), HC Ann Stevenon (Traquair and Kailzie)