2 Mar 2015 08:30

End of the road for litter louts

SIR, Various comments over the recent months seem to suggest that an independent Scotland could be more like Norway and therefore much better, but they do not mention that Norway has true independence by being outwith the EU.

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28 Feb 2015 08:30

Both AIMUp and the tapestry have exciting potential

SIR, You reported in two articles on February 20 (Tory Councillors fail in bid to unpack tapestry decision and Council AIMUp) that one of the community councillors against the proposal to invest in a permanent site for the Great Tapestry of Scotland is Brian McCrow.

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24 Feb 2015 08:45

We need councillors to sit up and listen

Sir, I would like to appeal to Peeblesshire News readers to join the thousands who have signed the petition asking Scottish Borders Council to overturn its decision to spend £6 million of our money and £2.5 million of Scottish Government money (also our money) - that is a total of £8.5m - on a new building at Tweedbank to house the Great Tapestry of Scotland.

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19 Feb 2015 07:30

Amazed mirth

SIR, The letter from an SNP councillor, claiming that “Conservatives need to offer fresh thinking” caused much amazed mirth in our household.

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18 Feb 2015 07:30

Switched off

SIR, One of the main news items on Border Television’s Lookaround informed us that Carlisle United were able to play a vital game due to volunteers clearing snow at Brunton Park. I am sure that would please viewers in Peebles only 25 miles away from Tynecastle and Easter Road in the capital city of Scotland.

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16 Feb 2015 08:00

Cold reception from First Bus

Sir, The introduction of the X62 bus service was highlighted by First Bus as providing an improved bus service between Galashiels and Edinburgh. Sadly, the reality for those of us who are daily commuters has been somewhat different.

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9 Feb 2015 08:00

Protect our National Health Service

SIR, Every day we hear that people aren’t interested in politics. Well, that’s certainly not true in Peebles.

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7 Feb 2015 07:30

Councillor’s election shot is patently absurd

SIR, An apparent early election shot from Councillor Logan (Peeblesshire News, January 30) makes the blanket assertion that Councillor Archibald’s columns in your newspaper are “only remarkable for their self-promotion and sneering sarcasm”.

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6 Feb 2015 08:00

Tractor man praised for his efforts in snow

SIR, We all woke up to a white world one day last week, though in West Linton it hadn’t snowed since the night before.

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3 Feb 2015 07:00

Dog fouling causes a stink

SIR, Border Beasties would like to thank all Donkey Food Volunteers for their continued support.

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22 Jan 2015 13:30

Councillors aim high

SIR, Your front page story last week on AIMUp suggests a false choice.

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22 Jan 2015 12:30

Councillor 'disgusted’ at the way Tapestry proposal was pushed through

SIR, In December I moved a motion against the use of public money to fund the construction of a building to house the Great Tapestry of Scotland.

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21 Jan 2015 12:30

Excusing the inexcusable

SIR, I refer to Councillor Aitchison’s letter published in last week’s edition of the Peeblesshire News.

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20 Jan 2015 12:30

Scarcely adequate

SIR, It is indeed a bizarre situation, as Alex Orr observes in his letter in the Peeblesshire News last week, in which Labour Scotland can grudge £95 million for primary school meals while supporting Trident’s replacement at £100 billion.

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19 Jan 2015 12:30

Council recycling is rubbish

SIR, The season of goodwill ended quickly today - just watched the bin lorry in West Linton leave the Xmas trees put out with the bins. They will just get dumped or stuck in waste bins around the village.

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18 Jan 2015 12:30

Archery appeal

SIR, Although Peebles has an ancient history of archery (including the Peebles Silver Arrow, one of the country’s oldest archery trophies), it is sadly lacking in a club today!

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17 Jan 2015 12:30

Irish Lottery scam

SIR, I am happy to share my delight at receiving through the post a millionaire’s acceptance form from an Irish Lottery group inviting me to meet an award auditor to accept a cheque for several million pounds, possibly as much as £15 million.

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16 Jan 2015 12:30

Peebles Chambers Institute

SIR, As a lifelong resident of Peebles, I have been most interested to follow the advances reported in the Peeblesshire News for the revitalisation of the trust required to run the town’s valuable asset the Chambers Institution.

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14 Jan 2015 10:30

View from the Surgery

A REGULAR feature from Dr Ken B Moody...

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13 Jan 2015 12:30

The Willie Archibald Column

Tweeddale West Councillor Willie Archibald is Scottish Borders Council’s Older People’s Champion. Here, here he writes exclusively for readers of the Peeblesshire News...

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