NO takers have come forward to offer a comfort scheme in Innerleithen, it has been revealed.

At the latest community council meeting on Monday, September 11, chairman Marshall Douglas confirmed nobody has come forward so far to offer a comfort scheme (by hotels, pubs, shops), or to set up a community partnership, where a local group can run the public toilets in the town.

In May, SBC sought the help of businesses, community councils, and local groups with the view of maintaining free toilet facilities across the region.

The search follows a review by the council of the public toilet provision across the area, which resulted in 27 of the 41 facilities becoming a paid for service, including the facilities at Innerleithen's Victoria Park.

Several locations in the Tweeddale area, including the Eastgate Car Park, Kingsmeadows and School Brae in Peebles have become chargeable.

However, public toilet facilities in Broughton and West Linton still remain free of charge.

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