WHEN personal development expert Tracy Archibald’s career was in flux she decided to evaluate her own goals in life and launched a coaching practice that is now helping others reach their full potential.
Since April last year, Tracy Archibald Associates has successfully helped clients fundamentally change their lives and achieve their goals from consultancy rooms in Galashiels and Edinburgh.
Now, after working with Business Gateway Scottish Borders, Tracy, from Innerleithen, is set to expand her offering to include bespoke development consultancy for Borders’ businesses.
She said: “Change comes to us all, so when there was a possibility that my part-time role as an NHS Organisational Change Manager, which I have held for over 10 years, might disappear I knew I had to take control of my own future. I decided that launching a business was my best option and had a very busy first year coaching clients mainly in Edinburgh. 
“After attending a number of Business Gateway courses and events this year, I realised that there was a great opportunity to offer my services to businesses within the Borders as well.
“Now that my business is established my focus is to extend my service throughout the region, providing local businesses and organisations with person-centred consultancy and training programmes that will help them become more resilient, focused and successful. This could include arming them with new ways of thinking that will make a change, such as reorganisation, less frightening for everyone involved. Or it could be working with individuals to improve their leadership skills. 
“My approach is unique, and after working with me organisations report improved communication, increased productivity and a happier workplace.”
She added: “Business Gateway has been a brilliant sounding board, helping me harness my passion and fine tune my offering. My adviser has helped me understand the mechanics of a website and search engine optimisation, and how best to position my business. The Borders Business Masterclass Tour has also been inspiring, offering fantastic networking opportunities which have given me a platform to perfect how I pitch what I do to potential clients.”
Working with businesses in all sectors, including social enterprises, third and public sector, Tracy aims it to help her clients maximise their greatest asset – their people. While one-to-one mentoring or coaching for professionals provides them with the tools and techniques needed to change and develop their lives.
She said: “As a consultant, I sit down with my clients and ask them what they would like to happen, and gain an understanding of what their current situation is.  Once I clearly understand their measure of success I design tailored, individual programmes to support their change and development programmes to achieve transformational goals.  For me, it is a privilege to work with a client or system and see evidence of the people connecting, relating and communicating in a more resourceful way.”
For more information on Tracy Archibald Associates visit www.tracyarchibald.co.uk
Alternatively, to find out how Business Gateway Scottish Borders can help you visit their local pages www.bgateway.com/scottishborders  or call 01835 818315.
Lyn Galloway, from Business Gateway, said: “Tracy is very experienced in her field and highly regarded by the business community. She understands the value of establishing, maintaining and expanding business networks, and this has helped provide her with a steady flow of clients. She also knows that speaking to experts when formulating ideas and developing career goals is essential. By working with us, she has been able to cement her service offering, understand the processes of setting up a business and has realised that the Borders is the perfect base for her.”