BORDERERS are being asked to ‘play their part’ and get involved in a new campaign run by Scottish Borders Council.

The local authority’s management team has come up with the #yourpart drive, to encourage the public to have their say on what happens in the region and take on a more active role in the community.

The idea was presented at last Tuesday’s full council meeting by chief executive Tracey Logan.

She said: “We continue to be very ambitious and, despite being faced with various challenges, we are absolutely committed to ensuring our services continue to have a positive and transformational effect on lives, livelihoods, wellbeing and whole communities. 

“However the only way we can do that is for individuals, families and communities to take an active role in engaging with the council and to ‘play their part’.

“Over a number of years we have changed the way in which we deliver services, making them more efficient whilst maintaining the quality for our customers. 

“But, as our finances continue to tighten and demand still increases we need to look at taking a different approach, and that is why we have launched this campaign with the support from our partners, and are calling for the Borders public to help us.

“With council tax still only accounting for around a quarter of our funding we need you to help us plan what we do with our resources, be involved with delivering some services and think differently about what you expect from us and what you might be able to do.

“Every single person in the Borders uses our services, whether it’s roads, waste, parks, schools or social care and health so with that in mind, it is everyone’s responsibility to play their part to keep the Borders thriving.”

The council is also trying to get Borderers more actively involved in their communities – including checking on elderly neighbours, joining the local Resilient Communities group or attending Area Partnership meetings.

Ms Logan added: “Every little thing you can do to play your part will all contribute to ensuring the Borders remains a great place to live, work and visit and ensure that we, along with our partners, can continue to deliver vital high quality services into the future.”

Visit for more information or use the hashtag #yourpart on social media.