HERE'S the latest from Scottish Borders Council about the school closures on Monday, March 5

SBC continue to deal with the impact of the ongoing severe weather. The emergency bunker remains open with the latest updates on roads and other services being provided on the Council’s website and social media channels.

A Yellow (be aware) warning for snow and ice remains in place through until 11.55pm on Monday for almost the whole of the Borders.

Some further snow showers are possible however this is expected to be at higher levels with any showers at lower levels turning to sleet/rain.


A phased return approach is being taken for schools which focuses on ensuring the safety of pupils at all times.

Secondary schools

All Secondary Schools will be open on Monday, March 5 for S4-S6 ONLY.

A specialised timetable has been put in place for senior pupils to support them in preparation for the forthcoming exam period.  

School transport for S4-S6 is expected to run on main routes only. Further updates on secondary school transport will be provided in the morning.

Parents can drop off pupils in main town areas only (rather than trying to access schools).

We are hoping all secondary schools will open for S1-S3 by Tuesday but more information on this will be provided.

Primary schools 

19 primary schools will remain fully closed tomorrow. These are predominantly rural schools:











St Margaret’s, Hawick

St Margaret’s, Galashiels








Enhanced support centres will be closed tomorrow. Those pupils on shared placements have an individual resilience plan and know where they should attend when resilience schools is invoked.

Other Primary Schools

Resilient Schools will be invoked for the following list of Primary Schools tomorrow. This means that primary schools are ONLY OPEN FOR THOSE WHO CAN WALK i.e. LIVE WITHIN 1.5 MILES.

SOME primary schools will only be partially open for some classes, full details are listed below.

Important safety message for parents 

ALL pupils who are walking to school MUST be accompanied by adults on FOOT

ALL primary school pupils must also be COLLECTED by an adult on foot.  Pupils will not be dismissed until they are collected by an adult on foot.

Primary schools to open under Resilient schools - ONLY FOR PUPILS WHO CAN WALK

Hawick High School Cluster

Burnfoot- p4-p7 open (no nursery and no p1-3)

Denholm- fully open

Drumlanrig-fully open

Newcastleton-fully open

Stirches- fully open

Wilton- fully open

Trinity- fully open

Jedburgh Grammar Cluster

Howdenburn – open p2-p7 and nursery (no p1)

Parkside-open p2-p7 and nursery (no p1)

Ancrum- fully open

Selkirk High School Cluster

Knowepark- fully open

Philliphaugh- fully open

Kirkhope- p1-7 open  (no nursery)

St Joseph's - fully open

Galashiels  Academy Cluster

Langlee- p3-p7 open (no p1-p2 and no nursery)

Glendinning – fully open

Burgh- p3-p7 open (no nursery)

Tweedbank- p1-p7 open (no nursery)

Clovenfords- p1-p7 open (no nursery)

Balmoral- p4-p7 open (no p1-3 and no nursery)

St Peter’s – p3-p7 and nursery open (no p1-2)

Stow – p5-p7 and nursery open (no p1-4)

Earlston High School Cluster

Melrose- p1-p7 open (no nursery)

Lauder- fully open

St Boswells- fully open

Earlston- p3-p7 open (no p1-2 and no nursery)

Newtown- open p4-p7 and morning nursery (no p1-3 and afternoon nursery)

Peebles High School Cluster

Halyrude – p1-7 open (additional needs support base closed)

Priorsford – fully open

Kingsland- p1-p7 open (no nursery)

St Ronan’s – p1-p7 open (no nursery)

West Linton- p2-p7 open (no p1 and no nursery)

Kelso High School

Broomlands – fully open

Edenside- p4-p7 and nursery open (no p1-3)

Berwickshire High School Cluster

Duns – p2-p7 open (no p1 and no nursery)

Chirnside- p4-p7 and nursery open (no p1-3)

Coldstream- p6 and p7 open (no primary 1-5 and no nursery)

Greenlaw- fully open

Swinton- fully open

Eyemouth High School Cluster

Eyemouth –p4-p7 and nursery open

Coldingham - p1-p7 open (no nursery)

Ayton - fully open

Any parent who brings a child to school where we have not indicated that the school is open, or able to accommodate a particular class, will be asked to return home with their child.

School meals 

School meals will be provided tomorrow, however menus may vary.

Tracey Logan, chief executive at SBC said: “In assessing Borders schools for tomorrow, there have been a large number of factors which have had to be considered and assessed fully to ensure the safety of pupils.

“This includes reviewing access to schools with large accumulations snow, staffing levels, access routes, fire exits and evacuation spaces.  We have also undertaken a full review of other hazards such as overhanging icicles.

“While we have opened some schools, parents should still be satisfied that they can get their child to and from school safely.  We will also be closely monitoring the weather through the night, and if anything changes in terms of any schools in the morning - further updates will be provided through local radio, our website and our social media channels.”