A CARDRONA family has raised more than £2,000 for the Tweed Valley Mountain Rescue Team – by sleeping in an igloo during last week’s snow storms.

Undeterred by the ‘Beast from the East’, Cheryl Turpie, husband Craig and sons Iain, Sam and Ben, took it in turns to spend the night in their back garden.

And, thanks to generous donations they have managed to topple their £100 target, and rack-up £1,727.

Cheryl, who is a Scout leader at the Cardrona Scout Group, told us: “It has been really fun, but a real whirlwind.

“It all started when last Wednesday the boys were out in the garden and they decided to build an igloo.

“They then asked us if they could sleep out in it, so we talked about doing it for a charity.

“The one we came up with was the Tweed Valley Mountain Rescue Team because they have done a brilliant job over the past week. They have been working non-stop.”

Ian,14, Sam, 12, and Ben, nine, then got the ball rolling by inviting people into their garden to see the structure – raising £45 in the process.

Cheryl added: “You can only get about two people in the igloo, so Ian slept out the first night, Ben did the second and Sam did for both of the nights.

“I then got phone calls from people from the scout group saying ‘you’re the leader, you should be sleeping out!’ so Craig and I thought we’d give it a go.

"I slept out on Friday and Craig did Saturday. He is the chairman of the World Scout Committee and the boys are members of the scouts, so we’re used to pretty cold conditions when we’re camping out.

“The igloo was quite cozy inside – about two degrees warmer than outside and we had plenty of duvets and blankets so there was no chance of getting cold.”

And the 46-year-old is delighted with her family’s achievements.

She added: “We were trying to promote our fundraiser through social media, but we know someone who works for the BBC.

“We managed to get an interview on BBC Radio Scotland and on 5Live, which has really helped.

“We are very grateful for all the donations.”

To donate to the cause, visit: goo.gl/qtbCyR