BORDERERS who are deaf or have hearing loss are being urged to help a charity research project by sharing their experiences of using local health services.

Action on Hearing Loss Scotland is encouraging deaf people to get in touch regarding their experiences of accessing GPs, local health centres and hospitals.

Especially if the health service staff were not deaf-aware or if working hearing loops were not available at reception and consultation rooms. 

Teri Devine, interim director of Action on Hearing Loss Scotland, said: “As part of our research project we are keen to find out about deaf Borders residents’ experiences of arranging and attending appointments at GP surgeries, local health centres or hospitals.

“We are particularly interested in finding out about good and not so good examples of appointment booking processes, the levels of deaf awareness shown by health service staff as well as any communication barriers faced by people who are deaf or have hearing loss in getting the medical information that they need.”

Contact the charity by emailing, calling 0141 341 5330 or by texting 07388 227407.