A LOCAL music group is seeking community support.

Peebles Players needs to elect a chairman, treasurer and secretary, as well as find volunteer members.

Founded in 1990, the group offers music sessions for people with a disability.

Starting with just eight members from Victoria Park Centre, the group has grown over the years.

Now more than 40 players and carers, meet every Monday afternoon in the Eastgate to enjoy hands on creative music using their voices and percussion.

All the members have learning a difficulty and many also have physical disability.

But they are all enthusiastic to take part, whatever their limitations.

Every session is fun and through music, each person finds ways to develop physical and social skills.

Some without speech find they can sing.

The specially chosen instruments mean everyone can contribute to an exciting group rhythm, perhaps add atmospheric sounds to a quiet moment, or even make everyone laugh with a cheeky interruption.

For many of the group's members, it is the highlight of their week.

The players love performing and work hard to prepare a production in the theatre where they share the fun and entertain the audience.

And their work is also enjoyed by the community, who turn out to listen.

Peebles Players is a registered charity and is self-supporting through membership, grants and donations.

It is run entirely by a team of hard-working volunteers.

But now is an anxious time. A new committee needs to be elected, which means finding a chairman, treasurer and secretary as well as volunteer members.

Founder Claire Garnett told us: "To keep this group going we badly need the support of the community.

"It would be a disaster if we had to close down for lack of a working committee.

"Why not pop along to the Eastgate on a Monday afternoon and see us in action?

"Perhaps you could help as a volunteer or offer a vital committee role?

"Your involvement could mean so much to the players – keeping their music sessions running is absolutely vital. Think about it!"