A PEEBLES mum has hit out at inconsiderate school-run drivers after several near misses by those not slowing down or stopping to let parents and children cross the road.

The mum-of-two, who did not wish to be named, got in touch with us after witnessing several incidents along Rosetta Road in recent weeks.

She also criticised motorists who park on the pavement outside Rosetta Road stores.

She claims this is preventing many people, including wheelchair users, from travelling along the path and safely crossing the road.

She told the Peeblesshire News: “When walking along Rosetta Road to take my two children to school in the morning, I have seen many drivers, several of them on the school run, who won’t even stop to let me cross the road.

“It’s driving me mad, I’ve seen some kids just make a run for it across the road as many motorists won’t stop.

“Something has to be done about this before someone gets hurt.

“I’ve contacted the headteacher of Kingsland Primary and Police Scotland about this, only to be told by both that there is nothing they can do.

“It’s not just inconsiderate drivers on the road, I’ve caught many who have parked on the pavement, on double yellow lines and right outside of the shop.

“This has prevented many people from safely getting along the paths, including those with a wheelchair, and parents with a pushchair having access to a dipped part of the pavement to cross the road, and to be able to see what vehicles are coming around the corner.

And she has vowed to take the issue further.

“There needs to be more parent awareness about this and they need to be more considerate in allowing other parents to take their children across the road.

“I have intentions to start a petition to try and get some form of ‘road furniture’, such as a zebra crossing to make the road safer.

“I have contacted councillor [Kris] Chapman and hope to meet with him and discuss my concerns soon.”

Scottish Borders Council said: “The council has carried out a number of improvements in this area, including building out the footway, dropping kerbs and installing crossing mats.

“The council works with the school and the parents to encourage as much walking and cycling as possible.

“The most recent surveys show that the majority of drivers do adhere to the speed limit, which alongside illegal parking on double yellow lines, is the responsibility of Police Scotland as the enforcing authority.

“We would appeal to parents driving their children to school to please do so considerately or consider if it is possible to get to school via active travel such as walking, cycling, scooter or park and stride.”