AN 81-year-old pensioner required hospital treatment this week after being injured during a terrifying dog attack in Peebles.

John Moore is currently looking after his nephew's Lhasa Apso during the summer holidays.

But during a morning walk with Milly on Tuesday, beside the Tweed near his South Park Drive home, they were attacked by an out-of-control large dog.

And the retired fishing industry manager was left with blood streaming from his nose and wounds to his forehead.

John told us: "I was enjoying the walk with my nephew's dog, which I had on the lead, when I saw this sandy-coloured dog watching us.

"It suddenly launched an attack and as I tried to protect Milly I fell over the lead and hit my face on the ground.

"I was lying on the ground with this dog trying to get at our wee dog - I had blood all over me."

Only the intervention of the large dog's owner prevented the Lhasa Apso also being injured in the attack.

Despite his injuries, John reached home where a neighbour revealed that his own pet pooch had been attacked in the same area - by the same dog.

John added: "There is no way this dog should be off the lead when it is known to attack other dogs - this dog had already gone for my neighbour's dog before we came across it.

"Lots of people, including children, walk their dogs on the path beside the Tweed.

"I didn't get the owner's name as I was too busy trying to stem the flow of blood from my face, but someone must know who they are.

"I will be alright but I did take quite a bang to the face."

John was taken to Haylodge Hospital where he was patched up by medical staff.

And he is now recovering at home with his wife Margaret ahead of returning to the surgery for a follow-up examination.

The dog which carried out the attacks is described as being sandy-coloured and around the size of a large Labrador.