POLICE have put the blocks on motorists parking outside the gates of March Street Mill in Peebles – after revealing the building is still used.

A resident contacted the Peeblesshire News after being told by police not to park outside the former mill.

According to the resident, the officer said the building is still used some evenings between 10pm and midnight by a number of cars and vans.

The man, who did not wish to be named, said: “March Street Mill has been closed for several years now, and I find it odd to hear that the mill is still open. Nobody local is aware there is something still going on there.”

PC Chris Burnside explained: “The mill is closed for commercial purposes but there is a maintenance team working within the mill to ensure the safety and integrity.

"Restricting this entrance either partially or wholly is not acceptable as this could cause restriction for emergency vehicles.

“The road up to the entrance gates is covered by the Road Traffic Act 1988, therefore any white/yellow lines have to be adhered to.

"Also, the Highway Code stipulates that you cannot park within 10 metres of a junction.”

March Street Mill closed in 2015 with the loss of 87 jobs, bringing an end to an industry that had occupied the site since 1884.