DEVELOPERS behind controversial housing plans in Peebles have been criticised for producing a “flawed” transport assessment to favour their proposals.

Community leaders say Persimmon have not listened to the views of the public in their recent consultation on proposals to build 71 houses in South Parks.

The plans to exceed the allocated 50 houses in Scottish Borders Council’s Local Development Plan, have angered locals, who say Persimmon have failed to consider the impact on Caledonian Road.

And, with a separate application by Eildon to erect two blocks of flats at Tweedbridge Court, residents fear the increased traffic on a stretch of road which houses two emergency services, will be a danger to road users and pedestrians.

Les Turnbull who serves as the convenor on the planning sub-committee of Peebles Community Council has hit out at Persimmon’s transport assessment calling it “lazy and unprofessional”.

He told the Peeblesshire News: “The assessment discusses estimated peak hour traffic flows which is meaningless. Over 60 per cent of the working population work outside the town and leave for work and arrive home outside those hours. The transport assessment appears to be based on figures used some years ago for a large site in Peebles.”

With intention lodged in April last year to build on the site, Mr Turnbull claims Persimmon has had plenty of time to conduct a full and detailed analysis.

He added: “The assessment is highly partial and favours the Persimmon point of view. It is flawed on a number of accounts and fails to discuss some important points. There is no mention of the difficulties for drivers exiting from Dukehaugh. Because of the rising slope in the Caledonian Road to the west of this junction there is limited sight of vehicles approaching.

“Similarly, there is limited vision if exiting from Frankscroft of vehicles approaching from the left. There are a number of pinch points along the Caledonian Road, apart from parked vehicles, which make it difficult for two way traffic.”

South Parks was mooted for development by Scottish Borders Council in 2010, but plans were halted due to concerns over increased traffic flow.

And in 2015, the town’s community council opposed development on the site and its inclusion in the Local Development Plan until infrastructure issues were addressed, including increased school capacity and medical facilities.

Fears over the impact on Caledonian Road from the housing proposals at both Tweedbridge Court and South Parks come on the back of approval being granted for a memorial garden on the Sware in Peebles, which could see an increase in traffic due to visitors.

Despite acknowledging the need for affordable housing in the town, Mr Turnbull said the proposals for Tweedbridge Court would be a blight on the landscape and should concern all residents of Peebles.

He added the 71 houses suggested for South Parks, were a “gross over-development”.

“The community council is very concerned with the standard of the traffic assessment and road safety report,” he said.

“They seem to be very partial and fail to address the real concerns of all persons who live or work in this corner of the town and who use the Caledonian Road every day.”