SUPPORTING students with dyslexia in Borders schools is being made a priority by Scottish Borders Council.

The local authority's ruling Executive has agreed to the adoption of a dyslexia policy which will be made available in every primary and secondary.

The policy has been developed following widespread consultation with parents, parent councils, pupils and staff with the aim of providing a very clear and robust framework that will give schools the strategies and approaches they need to support children.

It is supported by a comprehensive set of operational guidelines and a training programme for staff that will ensure a consistent experience for all children and young people living in the Scottish Borders.

Councillor Carol Hamilton, Executive member for Children and Young People said: “The formal adoption of this policy is a vital part of our ongoing commitment to making sure that all children and young people in the Borders experience consistently high standards of practice and support, in this particular case for those for whom dyslexia is a part of their daily lives.

"Dyslexia can have a profound impact on a child or young person’s feelings and confidence.

"It is therefore crucial that all our pupils who have dyslexia are identified in a timely way and are provided with appropriate support to ensure that they do not lose confidence in their ability to succeed.

"We are confident that the approach set out in the policy will ensure that these pupils have access to trained and knowledgeable staff who are aware of their responsibilities and know how to make sure that any relevant interventions and adaptations are put in place.”