RENOWNED artist Victoria Crowe is set to give a one-off talk on her work later this month in West Linton.

Victoria, who lives in the village, will present an illustrated talk about her 'Shepherd’s Life' paintings, her life at Kitleyknowe as well as taking questions from the audience at the West Linton Bowling Club on November 28.

Victoria was born in London before moving to Scotland in 1968 to teach at Edinburgh College of Art.

She moved to Kitleyknowe where she created ‘A Shepherd's Life’ - a collection of paintings featuring her neighbour, shepherd Jenny Armstrong.

Painted between 1970 and 1985, the series was first shown at the Scottish National Portrait Gallery in Edinburgh in 2000.

The exhibition garnered both critical and public acclaim and went on to be displayed elsewhere.

Victoria said: “When we first moved to Kitleyknowe I was building up my work. I painted a lot of the landscapes around us and the figure of Jenny became part of the work.

"She was the starting point for the work.

“She was in her late 60s/early 70s when I started the series.

"She had retired but still kept a small flock of sheep. As she got older, she was inside much more and so the paintings changed to her within the interior of her house.”

Victoria chose to make A Shepherd’s Life the focus of her talk as the event is being held in support of the West Linton Village Centre Trust.

She said: “A Shepherd’s Life is very local and as the event is in support of a local organisation, it seemed fitting.”

The Scottish National Portrait Gallery in Edinburgh is currently hosting a retrospective exhibition of Victoria's portrait work.

The exhibition, 'Beyond Likeness', runs until November 18.

Next year, a retrospective of her work will be held at the City Art Centre, Edinburgh.

Victoria’s illustrated talk will take place on Wednesday, November 28 at 7.30pm in support of the West Linton Village Centre Trust. Tickets are available at Rumblin’ Tams.