AN initiative to stop dog fouling on Innerleithen High Street is underway.

At a recent meeting of Innerleithen and District Community Council, the subject of dog mess on the town's footpaths was once again raised.

Providing and promoting free poo bags in local businesses is being planned in an attempt to curb the problem.

Community Council Secretary Gordon Daly has already spoken to a number of local businesses who have been supportive of the initiative.

Gordon said: "Our hope is that we can encourage dog owners who maybe forget to bring bags with them on walks to visit the nearest shop or business to get a free poo-bag, clear up their dogs faeces and bin it in the nearest public bin.

"This should prevent visitors and locals being plagued by having to avoid droppings in the street.

"As the scheme progresses and if it does in fact make a difference, we hope to expand it to the surrounding streets in some way where there is also a huge problem."

Gordon is also in the process of creating bag dispensers out of recycled drinks bottles which will be placed in trouble spots.

The anti-social issue has also been reported on a number of residential streets, namely Chapel Street and Strand, and is considered to be an ongoing issue in the town.

Gordon said: "I have a great deal of confidence that it will make a difference because the original project, that was driven by Councillor Caroline Penman in Selkirk, has been successful."