PEEBLES environmental group Tweedgreen tackled the town’s plastic problem at a panel event in the Eastgate.

Tweeddale Unwrapped attracted a lively audience last week to learn about, and try to improve, the area’s recycling.

On display were plastic sculptures made by members of Craft Punks, part of Tweeddale Youth Action, to demonstrate the amount of superfluous plastic packaging in shopping.

Miriam Adcock from Zero Waste Scotland outlined the national situation and the work being done.

Dominic Hodgkiss, waste treatment contracts manager for SBC outlined the policies behind the council’s contracts and their results.

And Kathleen Vaughn described the work of Changeworks, the Scottish Government funded organisation working to help meet carbon targets. Organisers of the event said: “Compared to many councils, SBC’s recycling rates are good but they could be better. What can we do?

“We can recycle all paper, cardboard and plastics. What we can’t recycle is black plastic bags or trays, polystyrene, foil bread bags or waxy bread bags.

“And it is very important to clean all food from tins and packaging. Any small pieces of food contaminate recycling and can lead to bags being discarded, sent to landfill and landfill tax being incurred.”