A PEEBLES filmmaker could only think of one place to set her award-winning horror film - Peebles.

Vivien Reid also starred in her short film The Box – which was shot during the winter of 2015.

The psychological drama shifts through many different worlds – home life, work, nature and unconsciousness.

It follows the disappearance of Richard, the husband of Vivien’s character Rachel, and a mysterious box that arrives at their home.

Vivien told us: “Having grown up in Peebles I knew exactly where I wanted to film.

“The locations are just breathtaking and they look stunning up on the big screen.

“I like to take long walks around the river Tweed, and it is often on these walks that ideas for a film script start to dance around in my head.

“The trick is to catch them, then to get them down onto paper.

“We had an incredible cast and crew, many people from Peebles, including Gillian Johnston my sister who was our make-up artist, Elliot Campbell the first assistant camera, and James Dalziel who came on board to help out. My family home became our unit base and all our food was kindly provided by the Forsyths.

“They were a huge support by keeping everyone well fed, a very important part of filmmaking.

“During the winter period when we were shooting, the weather was constantly changing and became very challenging.”

At the age of 14 Vivien gained a place at the National Youth Theatre.

She then went on to train at the prestigious Drama Centre in London.

She added: “I have always wanted to be an actor. I have lots of exciting projects coming up with regards to both acting and writing.

“I have been writing feature films for a long time and have been getting really good feedback within the industry.

“However, these projects require huge budgets, therefore I was encouraged by my peers to write a short film.

“I am very visual when writing so I can already see it up on the big screen. I find it thrilling getting to know my characters and finding out what makes them act the way they do. It’s all a game. And a magical one at that.”

In 2018, The Box won Best Drama, and Vivien was Best Actress runner up at the Out Of The Can Film Festival.

And Vivien will be travelling to LA and Arizona later in the year.

She is also currently developing her first play The Waiting Room which will be directed by another Peebles resident Clare Prenton.

The official trailer for The Box can be found on Vimeo, by searching ‘The Box Trailer’.