VOTERS are being reminded to use an X at tomorrow's (Thursday) European Parliamentary Election.

Voters will be electing six Members of the European Parliament for the electoral region of Scotland.

They need to mark an X against one political party or independent candidate.

The unexpected vote will take place between 7am and 10pm.

The count is taking place on Sunday with a local result expected to be declared after 10pm.

Tracey Logan, local Returning Officer for the Scottish Borders, said: “People across the Borders need to vote with an X at this election and I would encourage voters to study the ballot paper instructions carefully.

"Polling station staff will be able to help with any queries they may have.

“I’d also ask voters to take their poll cards with them when they vote as this will speed up the process, however it is not essential and you will be able to vote without it.

“Any postal votes also need to be received by 10pm on Thursday, and can be handed in to any polling station on Thursday if necessary.”

Change UK: David Macdonald*, Peter Griffiths, Kate Forman, Heather Astbury, Colin McFadyen, Cathy Edgeworth. *Mr Macdonald quit as a candidate and endorsed the Lib Dems but will still appear on the ballot paper.

All of the major parties will be represented on the ballot paper as well as two Independent candidates.

Scottish Conservatives: Nosheena Mobarik, Iain McGill, Shona Haslam, Iain Whyte, Andrea Gee, Michael Kusnir.

Labour Party: David Martin, Jayne Baxter, Craig Miller, Amy Fraioli, Callum O’Dwyer, Angela Bretherton.

Scottish Liberal Democrats: Sheila Ritchie, Fred Mackintosh, Catriona Bhatia, Vita Zaporozcenko, John Edward, Clive Sneddon.

Scottish Green Party: Maggie Chapman, Lorna Slater, Gillian Mackay, Chas Booth, Mags Hall, Allan Faulds.

Scottish National Party (SNP): Alyn Smith, Christian Allard, Aileen McLeod, Margaret Ferrier, Heather Anderson, Alex Kerr.

The Brexit Party: Louis Stedman-Bruce, Karina Walker, James Ferguson-Hannah, Stuart Waiton, Paul Aitken, Calum Walker.

UK Independence Party (UKIP): Donald Mackay, Janice Mackay, Otto Inglis, Mark Meechan, Roy Hill, Neil Wilson

Independent candidates: Gordon Edgar, Ken Parke.

Voters are being encouraged to check where they will vote. Details of their local polling station will be on their poll card.

If someone has not received it, or they are unsure of where to go, they can call Scottish Borders Council’s elections team on 01835 825005.

For more information about elections visit