BUDDING engineers from West Linton cleaned up recently at the robots olympics.

Members of the village's Socialize Technology Club have been picking up trophies for their imaginative and well-made creations since first entering two years ago.

Having won three awards in 2017 and a further two titles last year, the West Linton technicians arrived at the Scottish National Games in Edinburgh with high hopes.

But they exceeded all expectations at the Crewe Toll games, which are organised by the Rampaging Chariots Guild and hosted by Leonardo UK.

A spokesman for West Linton Socialize Technology Club said: "Like good engineers, the members worked on their successful robot designs over the course of the year and practised their driving skills.

"Newcomers to the team were taught soldering skills and older ones learnt how to use 3D printers to manufacture parts for their robots.

"This year, the two robots were named Tesla and Edison after the famous scientist and inventor. The hope was to at least equal their best haul of three trophies from the games."

Despite a record 40 robots being entered for the tournament from across Scotland, the West Linton four-wheel robots outperformed the rivals.

And they won all four sporting events - The Assault Course, Sumo, Tug-of-War and Football.

West Linton Socialize Technology Club also claimed the award for Most Innovative Design.

And the team was awarded the Mark Andrews Sportsmanship Award.

The overall championship trophy also goes to the team that won the most sporting events.

The spokesman added: "West Linton Socialize went home with seven out of the nine trophies on offer.

"Not quite a clean sweep, but an amazing performance nevertheless.

"Once again Socialize would all like to thank the Rampaging Chariots Guild for organising the event and, especially, Leonardo UK for sponsoring and hosting the games yet again.

"The team is looking forward to competing in the 2020 games."