PUPILS in Selkirk are set to be the first in the Borders to have classroom iPads.

Scottish Borders Council's £16 million Inspire Learning project has already started rolling out with teachers in all of the region's secondary schools being issued with the Apple devices.

Following the summer holidays, Selkirk High pupils will all be issued with their own iPads.

And they will be followed during the Autumn term by students at Kelso High, Hawick High and Earlston High.

Teachers have been getting to grips with the new teaching methods throughout June.

Selkirk art and design teacher Chris Dolan told us: “I think this programme is going to see huge changes in teaching and learning - in the way I go about my lessons and plan for them as well as improving pupil engagement and even how pupils give me feedback on a piece of work they’ve been doing.

"I am really looking forward to the opportunity to start to use them in the classroom in the upcoming sessions.”

The iPad roll-out has come in for fierce criticism from parents and concerns continue over finances being taken from other school budgets to fund the devices.

But many of the secondary school teachers who have undergone training sessions, have been impressed.

Drama teacher Sam Swinton said: “It’s something I’m really excited about.

"I think it’s going to open up a wealth of possibilities for our kids in terms of things like set design and performance evaluations.

"This is a great new chapter for drama in education.”

Pupils at Peebles High, Eyemouth High and Galashiels High will receive their iPads during the 2019/20 winter term.

And Berwickshire High's devices will be delivered next year.

Pupils in Jedburgh will be issued with iPads when their new school opens in the summer of 2020.

Peebles computing and business studies teacher Anne Delaney said: “The sessions have been really good.

"Inspire will make learning more accessible to all, with every pupil able to access materials both in the classroom and at home.”

The primary school roll-out will take place from next year.