THERE are many poignant moments filled with reverence at St Ronan’s Border Games Week – with the exception of Thursday, which is all about fun-filled frolics and fancy dress.

A whole host of characters and celebrities turned out for the Innerleithen’s Fancy Dress Parade which never fails to ignite the laughs and delight of spectators.

The elderly residents of the town proved they’re ‘Still Game’ for the festivities. And the beast from the classic Disney tale showed he isn’t so fierce as he toddled along the street with Belle.

Principal Guest Geraint Florida-James got on his bike for the parade, but kept his wheels firmly on the roads!

The genie from Aladdin brought a bit of magic to the evening and sea life from the Tweed came to the surface.

One of the town’s newest residents Jason Singh, literally popped his head out of his baby memory book. Devils arrived for a ‘Flamin guid Games’ as did Willy Wonka with his chocolate factory on wheels.

But it was the arrival of the newest Harry Potter phenomenon that drew gasps from the crowds – Harry Potter and the Cleikin o’ the De’il. The train derailed from Hogwarts to Innerleithen for the Games and picked up the Reid Meikle Memorial Trophy for the most deserving entry.

Boys & Girls (Under 7): 1st. Sophie Jackson - Wonder Woman, 2nd. Jack Shaw - Dinosaur, 3rd. Archie McMurdo - Minecraft, Special. Jason Singh - Baby Book.

Boys & Girls (7-15 Years): 1st. Oliver Kennedy - Freddie Mercury, 2nd. Craig Mack - Dennis The Menace, 3rd. Liam Mack - Hulk, Special. Taylor Douglas - Horrid Henry.

Adults (16 and Over): 1st. Morag Fraser (and Turi) -, 2nd. Brenda Spriggs - Poo Busters.

Couples (Under 7 Years): 1st. Aria Lynas and Addison Preacher - chalk and cheese, 2nd. Anton and Charlie - James Hogg and Son, 3rd. Isla and Amber Little - St. Ronan’s Little Racers.

Couples (7-10 years): 1st. Oscar and Lily - Belle and Prince Charming, 2nd. Joshua and Jessica - Bride of Chucky, 3rd. Alice and Magnus - Beauty and the baby beast.

Couples (11 - 15 Years): 1st. Ian and Joe Campbell - Still Game, 2nd. Max & Brodie - Mario and Luigi, 3rd. Hanna and Emily Kennedy - Where’s Aladdin?

Couples (16 Years and over): 1st. James and Angela Wright - Bee Hive, 2nd. Reagan Lambert - princess and Dragon.

Couples (mixed ages): 1st. Pokemon St Ronans On - Issac and Mike Black, 2nd. Cathie and Finn - Monkey on my back.

Groups of 3-6 (Under 7): 1st. Neive & Zara Doherty and Kasie Lee - The Ass Family, 2nd. Elsie, Marie, Penny - 3 Little Pigs.

Groups of 7 and Over Under 7 years: 1st. Sophie Currie, Elly Baker, Lexie McTier-Hat, Heather McCleod - Teletubbies.

Groups of 3-6 (7 to 15 years): 1st. Logan Kivlichan, Jack McGinn and Rory MacKenzie - Robot Wars, 2nd. Daniel Little, Robbie Turner, Aulay Johnstone - Alvin & The Chipmunks, 3rd. Henry Happer, Archie Howitt, Angus Henderson - Avengers.

Groups of 7 people and over (7-15 Years): 1st. Erin,Kirsty, Katie, Jennifer, Eden, Moya, Olivia, Alice, Andrew, Jack, Austen, Rory, Orla - Games Week Bunting.

Groups of 7 people and over (16 years and Over): 1st. St. Ronan’s Care Home - St. Ronan’s is Still Game!, 2nd. John Cockburn and Co - Who Disney Love The Games.

Groups of 3-6 People (Mixed Ages): 1st. Glendinning and Renwick - Clowning around at The Games, 2nd. Tompy, Katie and Lucy - Postman Pat, Mrs Goggins and Jess, 3rd. Leanne, Nicola, Sarah and Claire - On St Romans, Special The Hub on the High Street - Are you ready to Flamingle?

Groups of 7 People and Over (Mixed ages): 1st. A Flaming Gid Games - Russells and Lunns, 2nd. Honey Bees - Linda McCafferty and Crew, 3rd. Under The Sea - St. Ronan’s Nursery

Non Motorised Vehicle: 1st. The Hogwarts Express - Claire Wilson and the float crew.

Motorised Vehicles: 1st. Willy Wonka and Chocolate Factory - The Wilsons and Family, 2nd. Flower Bees - Friends of The Flower Bee, 3rd. Innerleithen Fishing Adventures - Big H and friends.

Shops: 1st. Lou Lou’s Vintage Emporium, 2nd. Scallywags, 3rd. Caldwell’s, Specials. TAVO, The Flower Bee, The Hub on the High Street, Robert Smail’s and Sons.

Houses: 1st. Grace Turnbull, 2nd. Joe Campbell, 3rd. Rowan Rychel, Specials. Robbie Turner, Thomas Philip, Aaron Glendinning, Moya Bowie

The Reid Meikle Memorial Award for ‘Most Deserving Entry’ - The Hogwarts Express