A WALL in Walkerburn is about to be rebuilt - more than SIX years after it was knocked down during a car crash.

Residents on Galashiels Road have been campaigning to have the roadside structure restored ever since the collision in 2013.

But they have come against metaphorical brick walls when contacting insurance and utility companies as well as Scottish Borders Council.

Ever since the crash on on July 23, 2013, which took out the wall and safety railings, a temporary barrier and safety cones have been in place.

And wooden props were installed to hold up the remainder of the crumbling stonework.

Local councillor Stuart Bell has been campaigning on behalf of the householders.

And this week he was finally given the news that an agreement has been reached.

Councillor Bell told us: "This will be a massive relief to the owners of the adjacent housing who have had to live with mess, with disruption and with uncertainty for too many years.

"They have my thanks for their patience.

"Problems over contested liability and the engineering difficulties of adjacent utilities have dragged out discussions on the way forward, but I am glad that the engineers and lawyers for the co-owners have come to an agreement with Scottish Borders Council on what needs to be done.

“I hope that the residents of Walkerburn and of the adjacent housing will bear with the inevitable disturbance of the repair works.

"But by the beginning of next year hopefully we’ll see a significant improvement and the removal of temporary barriers.”

Although Peebles County Council had carried out repairs to the Galashiels Road wall during the 1970s, Scottish Borders Council refused to accept liability following the 2013 crash.

But continued talks have finally led to a legal agreement and settlement being signed off.

Letters were sent out to residents on Galashiels Road this week by the local authority.

A Scottish Borders Council spokesperson said: “Works to repair the wall at Galashiels Road in Walkerburn will begin week commencing Monday, September 30.

“SBc Contracts will aim to minimise disturbance to road users during the 15 week programme of works.”