BROUGHTON Horticultural Show was opened by Sir David Younger who drew attention to the fact that this was the 166th annual show and wondered how large a community there might have been in Broughton and the surrounding area when the first show took place.

He thought that it is quite remarkable that the Society has been kept going for so long.

He also thanked the Committee and all their helpers for the hard work in setting up the show and the local businesses that have so kindly supported the event in many ways.

David also took the opportunity to thank the dedicated group who organise and maintain the excellent floral plantings in the village itself which are much appreciated by the community and visitors alike.

Special Awards

Elliott Cup – J Hewitson

Greenmantle Trophy – I Campbell

Glenhighton Quaich – C Cairns

Balfour Cup – P & J Elliott

Dickson Cup – R Carr

Brownlie Quaich – F Lukas

Murray Rose Bowl - F Hewitson

Broughton Brewery Cup – F Hewitson

Milne Trophy - (tied) C Cairns & R Welch

Secretary’s Cup – A Brown

Stuart-Menteth Cup – S Billingham

Wilson Trophy – S Nelson

Hume & Thompson Quaich – L Shirley

Robert Little Trophy – C Read

Baird Trophy – S Sterrick

Archer Vase – J Paul

Beechgrove Cup – L Smith

Blair Cup – F Hewitson

Buchan Prize 8-9 yrs –C. Taylor

Buchan Prize 10–12 yrs – A Haworth

Henderson Cup – C Green

Smith Prize – C Gardiner

Vegetable/Fresh Fruit

One Cabbage – G Kay,

Three rhubarb – A Howitt,

Three onions – G Kay,

Three onions from sets – G Kay,

Five potatoes – G Buchanan-Dunlop,

Five shallots – D Lukas,

Six pods peas – M Jenkins,

Three carrots – L Cawley,

Cauliflower - L Cawley,

Six pods broad beans – D Lukas,

Runner beans – R Birchall,

Three beet – L Cawley,

Two lettuce – D Lukas,

Herb in pot – C Dadford,

Pot parsley – J Buchanan-Dunlop,

Marrow – I Campbell,

Three Courgettes – R Carr,

Cucumber – C Cairns,

Five tomatoes – F Worthington,

Seven cherry tomatoes – S Brownlie,

Three leeks – L Cawley,

Any other vegetable – I Campbell,

Five herbs – G Harkin,

Basket mixed veg – I Campbell,

Salad leaves/ edible flowers – F Lukas,

Odd-shaped veg – I Campbell,

Red currants – G Buchanan-Dunlop,

Black currants – F Lukas,

Gooseberries – J Buchanan-Dunlop,

Raspberries – R Carr,

Any other fruit – P Elliott.

Pot Plants

Orchid – J Hewitson,

Fuchsia – D Adams,

Begonia – F Lukas,

Geranium – R Birchall,

Fern – M Hendrie,

Foliage Plant – R Birchall,

Cactus/succulent – J Hewitson,

Streptocarpus – I Campbell,

Flowering bulbs – V Ward,

Annual – M Smith,

Any other plant – G Harkin

Cut Flowers

Crocosmia – P & J Elliott,

Small vase cut Flowers – I Campbell,

Annuals, one variety – A Swan,

Mixed annuals – C Ferguson-Smythe,

Asters – J Hewitson,

Phlox, one variety – J Buchanan-Dunlop,

Phlox mixed – C Ferguson-Smythe,

Mixed herbaceous – R Birchall,

Two vases, distinct varieties – J Buchanan-Dunlop,

Astilbe – J Buchanan-Dunlop,

Flowering shrubs – J Buchanan-Dunlop,

Berries – G Buchanan-Dunlop,

French marigolds – J Hewitson,

Pansies – J Hewitson,

Violas – J Hewitson,

Fuchsia heads – J Hewitson,

Floribunda roses – C Ferguson-Smythe,

One rose – A Brownlie,

Two begonias – R Welch,

Sweet peas, three varieties – R Carr,

Twelve sweet peas – R Carr,

Gladiolus spike – G Harkin,

Cactus dahlia – J Hewitson,

Decorative dahlia – P & J Elliott,

Any other dahlia – P & J Elliott,

Collarette dahlia – J Hewitson.

Floral Art

Arrangement max 24” – J Paul,

Jam jar arrangement – J Buchanan-Dunlop,

Table centre – J Brown,

Foliage – J Brown,

Arrangement not to exceed 7” – S Sterrick,

Miniature arrangement – F Hamilton,

Five yellow flowers – S Sterrick,

Arrangement in shell – J Brown,

Sweet Peas – C Cairns,

Bridesmaid’s posy – I Campbell.


Sugar craft – J Paul,

Fruit muffins – Y Scott,

Cheese scones – F Hewitson,

Sultana scones – F Hewitson,

Dropped scones – J Paul,

Tea loaf – Y Scott,

Bread – F Lukas,

Decorated Victoria sponge – F Hewitson,

Lemon drizzle – M Jenkins,

Chocolate brownies – C Cairns,

Carrot cake – F Lukas,

Jaffa cake – H Cawley,

Viennese biscuits – F Hewitson,

Broughton Bake-off – F Hewitson,

Shortbread – F Lukas,

Individual sweet – S Brownlie,

Pate – M Lucas,

Meat loaf – K Ward,

6 hen’s eggs – Milen Kovic,

Fruit cordial – I Campbell,

Fruit jelly – C Cairns,

Lemon curd – C Cairns,

Blackcurrant jam – M Young,

Raspberry jam – P & J Elliott,

Strawberry jam – R Welch,

Gooseberry jam – F Lukas,

Marmalade – R Welch,

Chutney – C Cairns,

Any other preserve – R Welch.


Dressed doll – R Stuart-Menteth,

Embroidered article – A Brown,

Bag – R Stuart-Menteth,

Christmas wall hanging – A Brown,

Beads, buttons & bows picture – A Brown,

Knitting – N Wilson,

Cross stitch – K Ward,

Patchwork – J Buchanan-Dunlop,

Crochet – R Stuart-Menteth,

Special occasion card – E McDonald,

Original painting – S Billingham,

Item in wood – M Goodwin,

Upcycled object – D Killcross,

Any other craft – R Stuart-Menteth,

Animal made from vegetables – G Buchanan-Dunlop,

Yarn using two locally found dyes – S Nelson,

Bag from hand-spun fibre – L Shirley,

Photo, Green – C Read,

Photo, Shadows – C Read,

Photo, subject beginning with ‘P’ – R Carr,

Photo, architectural feature – J Buchanan-Dunlop,

Photo, B & W – R Stuart-Menteth


Photo, reflections – C Gardiner,

Birthday card – C Gardiner,

Painting/drawing – J Stewart,

Photo subject beginning with ‘C’ – L Smith,

Drawing named wild flowers – C Green,

Pressed flower bookmark – E Jenkins,

Buchan text handwriting 8-9yrs – C Taylor,

Buchan text 10 – 12yrs - A Haworth,

Garden in tin lid – T Babb,

Shop in shoe-box lid – O Worthington,

Garden flowers in jam jar – L Smith,

Decorated egg 7yrs & under – E Jenkins,

Decorated egg 8 – 12yrs – A Haworth,

Article in modelling material – F Hewitson,

Vegetable animal – D Campbell,

Jewellery – B Stradling,

Article from natural materials – O Worthington,

Flowers in eggcup – D Campbell,

Floating flowers – L Smith,

Lego model 7yrs & under – H Horgan,

Lego model 8-12yrs – T Babb,

Decorated tissue box, 7yrs & under – E Jenkins,

Decorated tissue box, 8-12yrs – O Worthington.