FOR one night, and one night only, Billy Connolly is gifting us one last laugh in an exclusive screening of his last tour.

Filmed during the final leg of his Australia tour in 2015, The Sex Life of Bandages is a stark reminder of Connolly's hilarity and humanity.

Viewers aren't just shown Billy in his natural habitat of the stand-up stage, we also get an eye opening look into his personal life since his Parkinson's Disease diagnosis in 2016. He looks back on his time in Glasgow, his movements from folk singing to outrageous comedy, and his career as a professional, touring non-stop for 50 years.

Having been dubbed the UK's most influential comedian, Billy's final performance showcases the best of his wit and rebellious style.

The Sex Life of Bandages (150, a not-to-miss showing at the Eastgate Theatre on Sunday, October 20 at 7.70pm. Tickets cost £17 and £10 for under 25s.

Tickets can be bought at