TAXI ranks on a busy Peebles road are causing traffic chaos resulting in tailbacks, according to angry motorists.

The new bays on Innerleithen Road are used as an overspill for taxi drivers if the designated spaces on the High Street are full.

But the new taxi rank is thought to be in a bad location due to the parking bays on the opposite side of the road outside Osso restaurant.

Following concerns from drivers, Peebles Community Council members were asked to give their feedback to Scottish Borders Council.

A suggestion was put forward to scrap the parking bays outside the restaurant but this was not supported.

Community councillor George Ramsay said: “That’s not the answer.

"Take the taxi rank away.

"There are two bays in Eastgate Carpark and they’ve been there all the time so I don’t see why they can’t use those.

"Drivers are taking risks and it’s a potential hazard.”

But Tweeddale West Councillor Eric Small added: “It was mentioned that the new bays acted as traffic calming measure and reduced speeding vehicles.”

Chairman Les Turnbull said: “There’s no doubt a serious traffic problem there and the solution is either you move the taxi rank somewhere or you move those parking bays somewhere.

"I’m getting a feeling the consensus is to move the taxi bays.

"You are quite right, there are those taxi bays in the car park that are never used and if the issue is missing fares all of these drivers have radios.

"There is actually no parking right along that left-hand side of the road as you’re coming into the Eastgate.

"So presumably the best thing to do would be to get rid of those two taxi bays and leave that clear and the buses would have a clear run in.”

Community councillor Harry Anderson said that taxi drivers are queuing behind the new rank and blocking the entrance to the Park Hotel.

Another option put to the community council was to scrap the Innerleithen Road bays and extend the original taxi rank next to the bus station.

This would mean losing two public car parking spaces but would keep all the taxis together.

The community council is to seek the views of taxi drivers and report back to a future meeting.