AN INNERLEITHEN pensioner has been banned from the road for 12 months after admitting driving while almost four times the legal alcohol limit.

Sixty eight year old Ronald Davidson of Walker Street, pleaded guilty to driving on the A72 at Cardrona with a breath/alcohol count of 80 microgrammes - the legal limit being 22 - on November 30.

Fiona Hamilton, prosecuting, said police officers came across Davidson's car stopped on the A72 at around 7.30am with the hazard lights activated.

They asked what was wrong and the accused said he could not get it started.

They noted some minor damage to the car and at that point could smell alcohol from him.

Defence lawyer Ross Dow said his client had been working overnight at Stobo Castle and had consumed some cans of lager while in the car.

Sheriff Peter Paterson said he would have imposed an 18 months disqualification but restricted it to to 12 months due to the guilty plea.

He also fined him £350, reduced from £500.