CALLS have been made for repairs to a dangerous road used frequently by Innerleithen commuters and cyclists.

The B709 from Heriot to Innerleithen is hazardous with deep pot-holes according to Innerleithen Community Council members.

Council leader Shona Haslam said it was her understanding that, following heavy use during works for the Dirtpot Corner project, funding would be available to repair the road which connects the A72 and A7.

Councillors Robin Tatler and Stuart Bell met with an officer at Scottish Borders Council last year to discuss costs for the B709 but are yet to receive the final figure for work to be carried out.

Community Councillor Jackie Couchman has taken pictures and reported areas that are badly damaged to the roads department.

She said: “Just before Heriot turn-off there’s a really deep trench where bigger vehicles have gone off the road, but if a smaller vehicle just went too far to the edge they would flip over. I reported it and it’s still there and that’s a worry.

“The problem is the bridges were strengthened to take heavy vehicles, had this not been done you could put a weight limit on the road but as this was done anyone can use it.

“It would be great if it was one vehicle road, but when you get two passing and the bigger vehicle goes to the edge that’s exactly the problem.”

Chairman Marshall Douglas said maintenance of the road must be difficult due to extreme weather conditions and both the volume and weight of vehicles.

He added: “It’s quite dangerous at times because when there’s flooding and water on the road you can’t see the depth of these potholes and you end up crashing into them.”

Councillor Tatler agreed to chase up costings and establish if there is funding for remedial work.