SILENCE fell upon the Council Chambers in Innerleithen this week when the monthly police report was announced on the community council agenda.

But this wasn’t due to the lack of criminal activity in the town.

There was no report or police presence at the meeting.

Community councillors say it has been months since an officer has attended their meeting, despite assurances from Police Scotland to give monthly reports and attendance from a police constable at least once a quarter.

Leader of the Council Shona Haslam said she is “fed-up” of the situation and has requested that fellow Councillor Robin Tatler raise it at the next meeting of the Community Action Team.

It was noted that Peebles Community Council is getting regular reports and attendance.

Councillor Haslam explained: “PC Sorrell attends the Peebles meeting when she’s off duty. She actually goes in her own time so it’s very nice of her to attend.”

Chairman Marshall Douglas said the community council is extremely disappointed at the lack of police reports and attendance at recent meetings.

He added: “It is vital that the community links are maintained between the police and the public, and the community council call for the situation to be rectified by senior management at Police Scotland whilst fully appreciating that local officers are doing their best to serve the community.”