DRIVERS in the Borders have been warned they risk losing their cars if they don't act responsibly on the region's roads.

The Scottish Borders Safer Communities Team and Police Scotland have teamed up to highlight and enforce the anti-social driving initiative.

And the warning from officers is for drivers not to use their vehicle in an anti-social manner, such as revving the engine unnecessarily, screeching tyres or playing loud music.

Legislation means a car can be seized immediately by the police when an offence has taken place, with the vehicle’s owner then liable for recovery and storage costs.

Acts which are deemed as careless driving such as driving inappropriately close to another vehicle or using a phone while driving can also lead to prosecution.

Sergeant Mark Banner of Police Scotland’s Roads Policing Department said: “The message from this campaign is that anti-social driving will not be tolerated in the Scottish Borders.

“Anti-social driving may seem a trivial issue but it can lead to fear, alarm and annoyance with other members of the public and in the worst cases a serious collision can be the result.

“Legislation exists allowing the police to seize a vehicle where a driver is found to be driving in an anti-social manner.

“We would appeal to drivers to think of others and drive in a responsible manner at all time.

"Otherwise, you could lose your car.”

The campaign has been re-launched due to continued issues with anti-social driving in certain areas of the Borders.

The Scottish Borders Safer Communities Team has provided information to schools and colleges on how drivers can stay on the right side of the law, while Police Scotland will be carrying out checks on vehicles across the region.

Councillor George Turnbull, spokesman for Community Safety, added: “It is disappointing to hear of continued issues with anti-social driving in some areas of the Scottish Borders.

“Driving in the Borders can be an enjoyable experience for both local people and the many visitors who come to the area.

“However, anti-social driving can mean people are put off visiting the Borders, and in the worst case scenario lead to an accident.

“Owning a car is expensive but anyone caught driving in an anti-social way will not only have their vehicle seized but have to pay recovery and storage costs, so being a responsible driver really is worth it.

“For any young person, the advanced driver course is a great way to learn new skills and become a better, more responsible driver.”