THE Principals for this year's Biggar Gala Week have been announced.

The Cornets Club have selected Euan Sanderson as Cornet Elect to support Cornet Michael Allen.

Euan, a local farmer, will be known to many in the community as captain of the Biggar Rugby Club 1st team.

He said: "I feel very honoured and privileged to become Cornet Elect.

"I can’t wait to fulfil the duties and help Michael out in his year."

Euan will takeover as Cornet Elect when Michael (Cornet Elect 2019) will be installed as 2020 Cornet.

Alan Bartholomew, who was Cornet in 2019, will become the Right Hand Supporter at this year's celebrations.

The 2020 Fleming Queen will be Katy Brown and her Crowning Lady will be Mrs Margaret Brotherstone.

The Queen's Court was also revealed, with 19 youngsters joining the festivities.

The Court will be formed of: First Lord, Corry Brotherstone; Champion, Alexander Laurie; Crown Bearer, Jack Inglis; Sceptre Bearer, Arran Brown; Sword Bearer, Jamie Robertson; Archers, Harris Davidson and Ben Roberts; Heralds, Zack Scott and Archie Galbraith; Yeoman, Ewan Morgan and Murray Byiers; Paige Boys, Finlay Ward and Dara O’Neil; Ladies in Waiting, Isabel Campbell, Sophie Inglis, Caitlin Tweedie, and Alice Ward; and Maids of Honour, Kensi McDougall and Willow Brownrigg.

Biggar Gala Day 2020 will be held on Saturday, June 13, with the crowning of the Fleming Queen beginning at 10.30am at the Municipal Hall.