A SCOTTISH Water treatment facility in Peebles is almost complete.

Work for the £2 million development began in November 2018.

A Scottish Water spokeswoman told us: "“We have just completed a £2 million upgrade to Peebles Waste Water treatment works. Work included the installation of two new tanks and equipment to ensure we continue to treat waste water to a high standard.

“This investment will improve the site’s capacity and ensure it continues to serve the community well into the future.

“During the work we discovered a couple of oystercatchers had made a nest next to the site. To protect them we fenced off an area to ensure the birds were not disturbed. The site team even gave them names - Gladys and Betty.

"The work started in November 2018 and was delivered by our alliance partners ESD. The site is located beside the River Tweed near Eshiels Community Recycling centre. The works have served the Peebles area for more than 65 years."

The completion of this upgrade comes just before Scottish Water is set to hold a public consultation about the development of a new drinking water treatment facility adjacent to the current site on Bonnington Road, Peebles.

Members of the local community will have the chance to meet the project team and ask any questions they have regarding the development.

The meeting will be in the MacFarlane Hall, Peebles Old Parish Church, with drop in opportunities between 3pm and 7.30pm on Tuesday, March 3.