A YOUTH project in Peeblesshire is offering to help ease the woes of the coronavirus lockdown by providing a delivery service.

Since strict restrictions came into place about businesses being open, many local shops, pubs and hotels have branched into offering takeaways.

But the rules also discourage people from leaving their homes unless absolutely necessary.

Bike Punks is now offering its two cargo e-bikes as well as young riders to ferry goods between businesses and people's homes.

The bike maintenance, metal work and cycle hire enterprise in based in both Peebles and Innerleithen.

Although most of the services and youth work have been put on hold in light of the epidemic, Bike Punks hope to help their communities during the crisis.

Project leader Aegir Maciver told the Peeblesshire News: "Our two e-cargo bikes can carry up to 150 kilogrammes of goods at a time.

"We are making ourselves available for any business that is needing deliveries made around Peebles and Innerleithen.

"We're also happy to help anyone by going and collecting goods as well.

"It looks as though we'll be in this situation for sometime and we'd be delighted to help."

Anyone who would like to use the Bike Punks cargo service should call Aegir on 07834000893.