A PEEBLES man who battled coronavirus has praised hospital staff for saving his life.

Keith Orr, 70, was rushed to the intensive care unit at the Borders General Hospital (BGH) at the beginning of April.

Mr Orr says he was "lucky" that oxygen worked for him and he was able to return home nearly three weeks later.

In a message to health workers, he said: "It's difficult to express just how much admiration I have for you all."

Mr Orr, who used to own Renwick and Weir Ltd, believes he and a group of friends contracted the virus from a service station after their holiday cruise was cut short.

While the others recovered, Mr Orr's health deteriorated severely and he was taken to hospital by ambulance.

After receiving life-saving oxygen, he was moved to a COVID-19 ward to recover.

But a few days later he was needing more oxygen and round-the-clock monitoring after scans showed blood clots in his lungs.

Again, though, Mr Orr pulled through – and he was reunited with his wife at home.

This week, he told his story to the Peeblesshire News and hailed the hospital staff he “owes his life to”.

You can read his full account by clicking here.