THE Borders has 13 drivers on the roads who have enough penalty points on their licence to trigger a ban, data shows.

If a driver racks up 12 points, they face a disqualification of at least six months, unless the court accepts that 'exceptional hardship' – such as job loss – would be caused.

Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency data shows this applied to 13 drivers with a Borders postcode in March.

One driver had managed to rack up a total of 21 points, according to the statistics.

Across Britain, there were nearly 11,000 drivers who were still on the roads in March despite having 12 or more points.

The DVLA figures show there are 132,603 drivers with full or provisional licences in the Borders, with a combined 27,032 points among them.

Across Britain, 2.7 million drivers – aged between 15 and 102 – have at least one point on their licence.